How to Get Rid of Frizz?

14 tips from hairdressing professionals to get rid of frizz!

With these proven tips, you can get rid of frizzy hair and get shiny locks .

Unruly and tangled hair?

You're not the only one who feels this way. Many people suffer from this condition and, unfortunately, more and more of us will have to deal with it in the years to come, as frizzy hair develops with age.

Luckily, just like there are detangling techniques for curly hair, there are frizz-fighting tips and methods you can try. However, before changing your hair care routine , it's important to understand why frizz appears in the first place.

Why does hair frizz?

The absorption of water molecules from the environment and air causes frizz . Hair is a permeable structure. The amount of water the hair fiber absorbs from the environment is regulated by its degree of dryness .

The more water the hair can absorb, the frizzier it becomes.

Interestingly, room temperature has little effect on frizz . On the other hand, it can make you sweat - and sweat contains a lot of water. Inadvertently increasing the temperature can cause frizzy hair .

Humidity and atmospheric components are beyond our control, however care anti-frizz treatments carried out in the shower and while drying , can be used to combat frizzy hair .

Here you will find the best tips to get rid of frizzy hair at home.

What is the best way to get rid of frizzy hair?

1. Use a moisturizing shampoo.

frizz shampoo

It's always worth spending a little extra money to buy the right product for your hair type . To care for each strand of frizzy hair , apply a hydrating shampoo. This will help smooth out frizz , as one of the main causes of frizzy hair is dry hair .

Frizz occurs when hair is dry and lacks moisture balance . With your shampoo and conditioner , you begin to boost the hydration of your hair .

So choose one that is designed to quickly hydrate and inject moisture into your hair .

2. To get rid of frizz, try using less heat. hair dryer

You should try to avoid using heated styling tools . Hot temperatures used on damp hair can damage your hair cuticles and cause it to appear frizzy and unkempt over time.

The same goes for high-tech straighteners and curling tongs : they can help you achieve great hairstyles, but overusing them can cause significant damage to your hair.

If you can't part with your hairdryer , try using it only once a week and setting the temperature lower. The highest and hottest settings should not be used. When drying your hair, always give it a cool blast at the end.

When using heat styling for special occasions, treat your hair with heat protectant before styling.

3. Choose a microfiber hair towel.

hair towel

We recommend drying your hair with a microfiber towel , as it absorbs more water and dries more quickly.

The fibers in regular bath towels are large and stiff and this can cause disruption to your hair cuticles .

It is particularly important to think about this because hair is more fragile when it is wet , so you must be particularly vigilant.

Soft microfiber towels are ideal because they dry hair quickly while preventing frizz . You will see a difference in your hair after just a few uses. They are definitely worth their price.

4. Trim your split ends.

fork cutter

Split ends can be infuriating and it can seem difficult to get rid of them once they appear.

They occur when the ends of your hair become dehydrated and/or damaged by weather and chemical treatments , and they weaken to the point of breakage.

Split ends can make your hair look frizzy and dull, and they can even cause hair loss if they extend down your hair shaft .

Fortunately today there is a device that removes split ends , called a split ends cutter .

It eliminates split ends while preserving the length of the hair .

Take a look, it's revolutionary!

device that removes split ends

5. Protect frizzy hair from humidity

Have you ever wondered why hair gets frizzy in humid weather? Excess moisture in the air can cause your hair fibers to swell. This explains why hair frizzes in summer and why we can't get rid of frizzy hair when we are on vacation in a hot region.

Properly hydrated hair is less likely to pick up moisture from the air.

Pack nourishing oils and creams to have extra emollients on hand. To help them settle in and do their job, apply them to damp hair before styling.

A small bottle of hair oil in your purse will also come in handy for touching up ends when you're on the go.

Using a waterproof anti-humidity cream will also help, as it will act as a barrier, preventing moisture particles from penetrating the hair fibers .

6. Use a serum to tame frizz.

hair serum

Adding an extra product to your hair care routine can significantly improve the shine of your strands. This does not have to be a time-consuming procedure.

A serum seeps into the hair cuticles and helps keep them flat and sealed , reducing frizz.

The best serum for frizzy hair depends on your hair type, but John Frieda's Original Frizz Ease Serum has proven to be highly rated and recommended worldwide.

It instantly tames frizz and seals split ends . Before styling, apply to damp hair .

7. Protect your hair at night

Moving around during sleep can cause friction on your head and tangled strands , which results in a frizzy look the next day.

Sleep with your hair braided or wrapped in a bun or top knot to lock in style and moisture .

For curls, sleep with your hair tied at the top, as close to your forehead as possible, what is commonly called a "pineapple." This will prevent damage to the curl pattern while increasing volume at the roots.

Use a satin scrunchie for an extra touch of softness and a silky finish. Which brings us to our next point...

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8. Sleep on a silk pillowcase.

Swapping your bedding is another technique to protect your hair while you sleep soundly that can be a game changer. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps prevent hair from becoming frizzy .

The silky , smooth fabric has a multitude of benefits for hair, including not disrupting hair fibers and boosting shine . It also prevents hair loss , breakage and split ends .

Silk is hypoallergenic and helps smooth and prevent deepening of wrinkles, which is great news for your skin. It also prevents your nighttime oils and lotions from being absorbed into the fabric, increasing their effectiveness.

If you can't afford real fabric, satin pillowcases are a good alternative. If you are on a budget, they will have a comparable effect and work just as well.

9. Continue to moisturize your hair.

The drier the hair , the more it frizzes . So be sure to use shampoos , conditioners , and moisturizing treatments to keep your hair healthy . By taking the time to moisturize your hair , you will make it healthier , softer and shinier , while increasing its hydration and preventing frizz . Shiny hair also helps you look younger, which is something we all want.

Dry hair is more likely to break , and brittle hair appears frizzy and frayed . To help prevent breakage, moisturize your hair with a weekly conditioner before shampooing.

This product is one of our favorites, and it's a must-have on our list of best products for frizzy hair . It makes the hair more "elastic" and stretchy, which prevents it from breakage and damage.

10. Take care of your hair.

The hair on your head is an extension of the skin on your face. Therefore, the way hair grows will have a significant impact on its health.

Staying in a cool environment is the most effective strategy for countering weather-related frizz . The best solution is to apply moisture-absorbing creams to your scalp throughout the day.

Do a little massage of your scalp when you wash your hair to make sure you reach the skin underneath the hair.

This can help you avoid product buildup as well as a dry, flaky scalp, which can lead to dandruff. If your scalp is not in good condition, consider investing in the best scalp scrubs and massagers.

11. Take a break from bleaching

Have you ever wondered why brunettes have shinier hair ?

Blonde hair is less shiny and may also appear frizzier due to the drying nature of the bleaching process, which can be harmful to the health of your hair.

Bleaching your hair at home can be more damaging than having it colored at a salon. Professionals are accustomed to combining conditioning treatments with dangerous chemicals, and they are often better able to identify early symptoms of damage.

If you're a die-hard blonde, balayage is a low-maintenance color treatment. It requires less root maintenance and you won't have to use bleach as frequently. This will prevent you from further damage while saving you money. Balayage can also be used to conceal and prevent natural gray hair. Consult your hairdresser to find out which styles are best suited to you.

12. Apply deep treatments once a week.

Regularly applying an intensive treatment mask will help boost moisture, even if you use the best shampoo for frizzy hair and lots of conditioner and oils. The best anti-frizz mask will help recondition them and restore their shine, in the same way that a rich facial mask would remedy your skin problems.

The best way to keep hair healthy, shiny and vibrant is to pamper it. This will also allow you to take some time for yourself.

Apply an intense mask from root to tip once a week . Before washing it, let it sit for at least 20 minutes.

Apply it before bed and sleep with your skin wrapped in a towel, then rinse it off in the morning for a more intense treatment. The difference between the first and second time will be immediately visible. And if you make it a habit, your hair will only improve over time.

13. Examine the ingredients in your hair products.

The ingredients in your products are just as important as those in skincare.

Alcohol-based products can seriously dry out your hair , leaving it thirsty and disheveled, especially if used frequently. So, if you want to get rid of frizzy hair, be more careful about your choices.

Using products that aren't necessarily suitable for your hair type can lead to some pretty noticeable changes in hair health. Products containing silicone , for example, will weigh down the hair of people with fine, limp hair. Their appearance will only be worse.

Using alcohol-based styling products for curly hair types or those with naturally dry hair will only contribute to dryness and increase frizz. It's important to take the time to learn about your hair type and choose products carefully.

14. Protect your hair from the environment

The environment can affect your hair just as much as your skin.

Look at how pollution , rain , and sweat can change the look and feel of your hair after a day in the city.

Stay safe from the heat and the sea while on vacation, and nourish your hair regularly with a pre-wash treatment.

When it comes to damaged hair , pollution, UV rays, salt water, and chlorine are some of the worst offenders.

Protect your hair with sunscreen, you wouldn't go out in the sun without a good dose of sunscreen, so why should your hair be any different?

Include hair protection in your sun protection program. Find the right thermal protection for your needs and routine to help you get rid of frizzy hair .

Why does hair get frizzier with age?

Hair becomes frizzier as we age due to bodily changes. Factors like hormones and the aging process can help change our hair, just like they do our skin.

A woman's body undergoes enormous changes during the stages of menopause. For many women, a change in hormonal status is accompanied by systemic alterations, including changes in hair and skin.

Hair changes are extremely common during this time, and they can be quite dramatic. Many women don't know what products to use or how often they should wash their hair. Things they have relied on for decades no longer fit their changing needs.

If you are in this situation, it is always a good idea to schedule a consultation with your hairdresser. He will be able to tell you what your hair needs and how to treat frizz if it has become a problem.

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