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Brosse Soufflante One Step Hair DryerOne Step Hair Dryer Blower Brush
Brosse Soufflante BrushingBlow Drying Blower Brush

Blow Drying Blower Brush

Sale price35,99€
Brosse Soufflante RotativeRotating Blowing Brush

Rotating Blowing Brush

Sale price49,99€
Brosse Soufflante Sèche CheveuxHair Dryer Blowing Brush

Hair Dryer Blowing Brush

Sale price35,99€
brosse soufflante 5 en 15 in 1 Blowing Brush

5 in 1 Blowing Brush

Sale price69,99€
Smoothing Blowing BrushSmoothing Blowing Brush

Smoothing Blowing Brush

Sale price49,90€

2 colors available

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Brosse Soufflante IoniqueIonic Blowing Brush

Ionic Blowing Brush

Sale price35,99€
Multifunction Blower BrushMultifunction Blower Brush

Multifunction Blower Brush

Sale price35,99€

5 colors available

Why buy a blower brush?

A blower brush can dry and style even the frizziest hair.

The hot air blower brush can straighten your hair and save your valuable time.

For more volume, eliminate frizz or create the perfect waves, choose your brushes and styling accessories.

This type of brush dries the hair perfectly while giving it shape and movement. Ideal for people looking to achieve a salon-style brushing.

After a few minutes, a blow-dry brush can help you create pretty curls or easily restore volume to your hair.

Heated brushes combine several styling heads and two directions of rotation for endless possibilities!

Damaged hair develops cracks in the outer layer. Once the cuticle opens, your hair is at risk of further damage and breakage. This may be a difficult situation for you to deal with.

Can you really go from dry, brittle hair to smooth, shiny locks? The answer is not always easy to give. For the most part, hair damage is permanent because it is a collection of cells, making it difficult to repair.

The real remedy is to choose hair blowing brushes that can help you regain your hair or give you the type of hair you want quickly without further damage.

Our goal is to help your hair reach its full potential. Visit our site to find our collection of best hairbrushes. You will find in particular: the rotating blowing brush , the blow-drying blowing brush , the ionic blowing brush , the one step hair dryer blowing brush , the straightening blowing brush, the drying blowing brush , the multi-function blowing brush , the 5 in 1 blowing brush .

Choose the brushes that best suit your hair for flawless satisfaction.

The Characteristics of a Blowing Brush?

In the case of blow-dry brushes, it is necessary to target products with an ionic function to combat static electricity and thus eliminate frizz.

This is an important factor in choosing a hair dryer brush, we recommend choosing ceramic, which is more reliable than other coatings and will give you shiny and healthy hair.

The rotating brush for blow drying makes drying very easy thanks to its rotating effect, which is why the device must be light and handy when handling.

The hair spa function blows cold air to set your hairstyle, this is an important finish, so you should check if your device offers this feature

Ideally choose a brush model with 2 directions of rotation, so the device seems to reproduce the professional gestures of a hairdresser when brushing your teeth.

check if the product has different temperature and speed levels so you can adjust and adjust the drying modes.

Pay attention to the power of the device, you need at least 700 watts to get good results.

How to Choose Your Blowing Brush?

you need to decide whether you want more volume or more curls in your hair. This is an essential tip for choosing your blower brush. When choosing a blower brush for your specific hair style, remember: the larger the diameter of the brush, the more volume and less curl or movement in the hair.

Boar bristles help make hair shiny and keep it healthy. They add shine to your hair by closing the cuticle, which helps it reflect light. While nylon bristles are useful for detangling thick hair. They provide enough stiffness to brush dense hair.

Consider the ergonomics of the blower brush you want to purchase. You can choose different styles of handles. A smooth, perfect, gripping handle is best suited. However, it should also provide a solid grip and comfort when brushing.

To care for long or thick hair, the shape of the blower brushes is essential. Most of the latest blower brushes have a cushion under the bristles that flexes as you brush, providing more comfort on the head. Round or oval brushes are ideal for styling because they come in a variety of sizes so you can create different looks.

If you're in the habit of brushing wet hair, look for widely spaced bristles or blow dryer brushes. Know that your hair is at its most fragile state when it is wet. You definitely don't want the strands to snag on closely spaced hairs.

However, if you are using a blower brush for dry hair, you have many different blower brushes to choose from because the hair is no longer as fragile as when it is wet.

When looking for a blowout brush to use, round brushes are usually the best choice because they help create volume and bounce when you wrap your hair around them. Also consider brushes with vented or ceramic-coated barrels, which are designed to distribute heat from the hair dryer and dry hair more quickly.

Boar bristles are suitable for fine hair because the soft and flexible bristles can brush fine hair well. Blower brushes are ideal for thick hair because the bristles are stiffer than boar bristles.