Fork Cup | Asplittool™
Fork Cup | Asplittool™
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Fork Cup | Asplittool™

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Marre des cheveux cassants et indisciplinés ?

Essayez le coupe fourche !

✔︎ Améliore la Santé des Cheveux

✔︎ Augmente la brillance du cheveu 

✔︎ Résultat Professionnel

✔︎ Rapide, Sécuritaire et Facile d'Utilisation

✔︎ Technologie Révolutionnaire

✔︎ Économisez sur des Soins Capillaires Coûteux

✔︎ Pour Tous Types de Cheveux

✔︎ Approuvé par les Salons de Coiffure 

Advantages of the Fork Cutter

The split end trimmer is an essential beauty accessory!

  • Only eliminates split ends while maintaining hair length
  • Makes your hair Smooth, Shiny & Silky
  • Improves Hair Growth
  • Delivers Visible and Lasting Results
  • Allows you to save on hairdresser expenses

Having beautiful, healthy and shiny hair is now possible thanks to the fork cut .

What are Hair Split Ends? hair split ends

Hair is made up of several layers, the medulla , the cortex and the cuticle .

  • The marrow is the soul of the hair, that is to say the most interior part.
  • The cortex is the main mass that makes hair strong and resistant to stress and ultraviolet rays.
  • The cuticle , made up of small scales superimposed on each other. The cells that make up the cuticle are made up of keratin and are intended to protect the hair against external agents.
hair structure

Due to chemical and atmospheric agents (external aggression), the use of straighteners, hair dryers and coloring, the cuticle scales crumble and become irregular, creating cracks in the middle and especially at the ends of the hair which become rough , brittle and dull .

Split ends are characterized by the ends of the hair separating .

split end

Split ends can come from a poor hair routine, friction, repeated blow-drying and overuse of straighteners.

All these factors damage the hair fiber , making the hair dry and damaged and promotes the appearance of split ends .

Fortunately there is a solution for cutting split ends while preserving the lengths.

Why Buy the Fork Cutter today?

Split ends in the hair are a major hair problem identified in more than 70% of women. The finer and more fragile the hair, the greater the likelihood of split ends forming. If you don't trim your split ends in time, they will travel up the hair shaft and damage your full head of hair.

hair fork

  • The split end trimmer is a quick and effective solution to removing dead and brittle hair caused by fraying of the hair shaft .
  • The new technology of this inexpensive split end trimmer safely removes damaged hair ends and split ends while preserving long, healthy hair.
  • Ensuring that any split, damaged or dry ends are trimmed will bring your hair back to life.
  • This anti-split device is a revolution in the world of hairdressing, it will allow you to find smooth and silky hair in the comfort of your home.

No more split hair and frizz!

anti-fork brush

How does the Split End Brush work?

The split end cutter presents itself as a very ergonomic hairdressing tool from the first moment you pick it up.

It is in fact equipped with a practical and robust rubber handle, which allows you to grip it with extreme ease. In addition, thanks to the presence of a reversible direction selector, it can be easily used even by left-handed people.

fork cut review

The anti-split device is capable of cutting the damaged ends of no less than 150,000 strands of hair in just 30 minutes : a real record!

The anti-split brush is structured to gently slide the strands inside its guides which, forcing the ends to remain straight and aligned , will allow the rotating blade to only cut the split ends , leaving healthy hair intact. .

fork cutter

The cutting length is determined using a shoe. You can start with a first treatment using the 6 mm cutting shoe , then move on to the 3 mm cutting shoe for monthly cuts or, more simply, whenever you feel the need to cut your split ends.

How to Use the Fork Cutter for hair?

  • STEP 1: Wash the hair thoroughly so that there are no more care/styling products in the hair.
  • STEP 2: Dry your hair thoroughly and straighten it if necessary, as the split end machine application does not work properly with curly hair as the damaged ends do not come out straight.
  • STEP 3: Divide the hair into several thin sections. The number of strands depends on the thickness of the hair.
  • STEP 4: Turn on the split end cutting device and pass it over each section of previously divided hair.
  • STEP 5: Since not all split ends are removed directly, you can repeat this process up to five times.

fork cut before after

Fork Cutting Before/After

The split hair cut brings exceptional results to your hair!

fork cut before after

The split end cutting device offers you a quick, effective and inexpensive way to condition your hair ! No more forks!

Who is the fork cutter intended for?

The use of the split end cutter is obviously prescribed for all women and all hair types.

The results will be most visible on particularly long and thick hair , with a tendency to develop split ends .

Women who have long hair are often in the dilemma of wanting to get rid of split ends while maintaining their length.

The Coupe Fourche Pro therefore represents the ideal solution: by acting directly on split ends , thanks to its efficient and more precise cutting of hairdresser scissors.

It will not interfere in any way with the natural length of your beautiful hair which will be strengthened by the elimination of split ends.

It is therefore the best solution to permanently resolve this visible and annoying hair problem.

With monthly use of the split end brush , you can say goodbye to split ends , without spending money at the hairdresser and without shortening your locks.

Taking care of your hair with a split end cut is the best decision you can make. Don't forget to complete your split end treatment session with a repairing hair mask with argan oil that you can apply from the scalp to the ends of the hair.

fork cut result

Your Fork Cutting Kit contains:

  • 1 Latest generation Fork Cutter
  • 2 Hair clips
  • 1 Comb
  • 1 Clog to choose the cutting size
  • 1 Anti-hair cleaning brush

cheap fork cutter

Cheaper than split ender pro, split ender pro 2 or the mini split ender from talavera