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Lot of 50 hairpins for womenLot of 50 hairpins for women

Lot of 50 hairpins for women

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Heatless Hair Curler

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Set of 10 Heatless Curl Curlers

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What causes split ends?

Frequent use of hot styling tools such as straighteners, curlers and hair dryers can cause hair to become dry and damaged. The risk of damage is higher if you use these tools frequently and set them at high temperatures. Damage is also more likely and more serious if you do not use thermal protection or use poor quality devices.

Rough rubbing with a towel when towel drying hair can create tangles and disrupt cuticles, increasing the possibility of splitting. Rough combing, while hair is wet and without using detangler, can leave strands vulnerable and prone to splitting and breakage. Vigorous brushing of dry hair can lift cuticles and lead to frizz and split ends.

Frequent bleaching and coloring dries out hair and disrupts cuticles, leaving hair weakened and less resistant to damage from physical manipulation. Chemical treatments such as straightening and permanent waving have a negative impact on hair health and elasticity. Since the ends of your hair have been exposed to chemicals longer than other parts, they are the most vulnerable part of your hair.

Washing your hair too often, especially if you use strong sulfate-based shampoos, can strip your hair of its natural oils. Natural oils create a protective barrier that helps retain moisture inside the hair. Hair that is dry and overly porous loses moisture easily and becomes inelastic and prone to breakage and split ends .

What accessories and products should I use against split ends?

The best hairdressing tool for split ends is the split end cutter , it allows you to:

Trim the split ends with extreme precision without affecting the length of the hair. Find healthy hair without the intervention of a professional. Save on hair care expenses and visits to the hair salon.

After carefully trimming your split ends, you need to use the right products to prevent split ends from appearing.

A hair mask for split ends and dry hair is a great way to deeply repair your hair. PURC Magical Treatment Intensive Keratin Treatment is a keratin-rich hair mask that hydrates , adds shine and helps strengthen hair that needs it.

The best product for anti split ends and breakage, this treatment should be used every week after washing your hair. Work it into your strands and wait 3-5 minutes. If your hair needs a really deep treatment, wrap it in a warm towel and leave the mask on for longer.

You should also avoid hair care routines that lead to split ends.

How to prevent split ends?

Avoid washing your hair daily and only use sulfate-free shampoos.

Do not use heated styling tools. When using hot styling tools, set the temperature low and be sure to use a heat protectant.

Buy quality appliances and use the necessary accessories when drying your hair.

Avoid harsh chemical treatments and use gentle solutions if possible.

Don't overuse bleach and let a professional lighten your hair. Use semi-permanent dyes to experiment with colors.

Apply a deep conditioner once a week and use a leave-in conditioner to moisturize your thirsty ends.

Do treatments before shampooing to avoid the drying effect of shampoo.

Be gentle when towel drying, combing or brushing your hair.

Use hair products that strengthen the bonds between hair to repair damage caused by heat and coloring.