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How to fight summer frizz?

With all the humidity it brings, summer can be a surprisingly drying season for hair .

Chlorine from swimming pool water, salt water from sea bathing and very intense UV rays can leave your hair dry and frizzy . This is especially true when hair is dried out from heat and chemical treatments, leaving strands searching for moisture wherever they can find it (i.e. the air). When the hair cuticle is open, moisture from the warm, humid air penetrates the hair shaft and causes the frizz and flyaways we are familiar with during the summer months. By locking moisture into the hair shaft, you help block moisture from the atmosphere.

Discover the eight best ways (and our favorite products!) to keep your hair hydrated, frizz- free, and healthy all summer long.

Always start at the ends and work your way up to the scalp.

1. Brush your hair as little as possible.

Every time you brush or comb through your hair, you stimulate frizz . Limit them as much as possible!

2. In the shower, use an ultra-hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

Start your hair routine with a little extra hydration! Also keep in mind that over-washing can do more harm than good. If you wash it too often, your hair may become dry and frizzier. By spacing out shampoos, you allow your hair's natural oils to do the work and keep it hydrated. Pro Tip: Very wet hair rinses easier, making it feel really clean and requiring less agitation.

3. Rinse your hair with the coldest water possible.

Once the summer heat really hits, this becomes my favorite part of my shower! Cold water closes the hair cuticle, locking in future moisture.

4. Take the time to make a mask.

Apply it from root to tip on dry strands and leave it on for 15 minutes in the shower. Or if you try it outside of the shower, leave it on for an hour or sleep with it overnight. Rinse it out to find softer, more hydrated locks, able to better withstand external humidity.

5. Dry your hair by patting it dry or gently twisting it, without ever rubbing it.

Rubbing your hair with a towel to dry it just creates extra frizz . This also applies to drying off after the pool!

6. Double the dose of conditioner.

Before combing or brushing your hair, add a leave-in conditioner. More hydration = less combing and brushing.

7. Apply a hair serum to the strands.

If you need extra hydration, add a hair serum! It creates a slip that helps strands not swell when they encounter moisture outside.

8. Wear your hair up.

Ultimately, the easiest way to keep your hair under control, especially if you're prone to extreme frizz , is to put it up! For ultra-curly hair, styling it wet with a braid or bun is a very stylish way to look great and combat humidity. If you intend to wear your hair down, keep the style close to your natural texture for the best results (for example, if your hair is straight, a humid day is not the best time to try straightening your hair). big curls!) Finish with an anti-humidity spray!

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Ultimately, even professionals admit that there is no foolproof method for completely eliminating frizz . So embrace the indelicacy of the season – that means you enjoy lazy days, salty air, and sultry summer evenings outside!

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