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Take care of or cut the ends: What should you do for your hair?

How to Treat Dry Hair Ends? Reading Take care of or cut the ends: What should you do for your hair? 5 minutes

Does it really stimulate hair growth and regeneration? We analyze what is claimed to be the most effective remedy for trichoptilosis , that is, " split ends ".

One of the perennial haircut conflicts is going to the barber to cut " just the ends " and leaving feeling like you've been cut more than you wanted.

In fact, when you're trying to grow your hair long , between refresh cuts and haircuts, it seems impossible to let your hair grow as long as you'd like.

But it seems that it is essential to take care of your hair by cutting the “ ends ” from time to time. Or is it not really essential?

Why cut your hair?

The ends are the “most frequently damaged” area of ​​the hair for two main reasons. Because it is "the oldest part of the hair", that is to say "it is born from the root much earlier than the rest of the hair shaft , it is therefore weaker and its cuticle (the outermost layer of the hair which protects it from external attacks) is porous and breaks easily. It is also the most external part and the most exposed to attacks "produced by heat, humidity, styling, etc."

All this causes hair at the ends to be more damaged than hair at the roots, open or broken.

But cutting the ends does not stimulate growth or regenerate the hair. The explanation is that the part of the hair that is cut is not active, it doesn't really have any life, so to speak.

So, when we cut hair , we remove part of the keratin and cuticle to give shape to our hair, and in the case of the ends, this serves to remove damaged and deteriorated parts.

Cut the ends to avoid split ends

One of the reasons for cutting hair is the appearance of so-called "split ends". Also called trichoptilosis , that is to say "an alteration of the hair produced by the desquamation of the cuticles".

This may be due to "environmental and mechanical factors." However, the most common cause of split ends is a lack of hydration, which is why "hair loses its vitality and flakes."

Other possible causes are excessive use of hair dryers or straighteners or continuous exposure to the sun. In addition, we must not forget that trichoptilosis can also be a consequence of chemicals used for bleaching, which are factors that go against the health of the hair.

Despite this, it happens that, even without using dye or straighteners, the ends end up splitting, especially on long hair. In this case, it must be borne in mind that while these external factors aggravate the process, mechanical factors in the hair itself tend to produce these split ends .

The explanation is that the body produces essential oils that hair needs to be healthy. However, when the hair is very long, it is difficult for these nourishing oils to reach the root to the tip, which is why the hair also opens up.

Treatments for hair ends

Taking into account all the possible causes, if the goal is to leave the hair as long as possible, and therefore to go to the hairdresser as little as possible, there is no better measure than prevention, there is therefore has certain precautions to take into account.

There are solutions such as “ intensive hydration ”, or even treatments to care for and regenerate hair, such as platelet-rich plasma.

This technique, which is also used in other fields such as dermatology for skin care, or in traumatology for cartilage regeneration, is based on the use of growth factors present in the blood of each person, in order to to isolate them and use them to accelerate and stimulate the regeneration of tissues, in this case hair.

When it comes to more daily care, using the right shampoo for each hair type is essential. Regarding more specific measures, we also recommend the application of a hair mask with keratin or vitamin B, which are capable of regenerating and nourishing the ends before they split or prevent it from dividing further.

And don't forget that at the beach you should also use sunscreen on your hair, especially if it is already damaged .

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