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Why Cut Your Forks?

Do you have split ends too? Your hair never seems to grow. In fact, these are the split ends which make them more fragile, they keep breaking and, unfortunately, they can go up the entire length of the hair.

THE split ends deprive your hair of its shine, and not only because it also hinders its growth. What are the causes ?

Unfortunately, many factors can contribute to this problem. Although you can blame the products you use, watch out for the following attitudes:

  • Aggressively detangle hair when dry
  • Detangle wet hair with too much energy
  • Not protecting your hair from the sun
  • Excessive use of hot styling tools such as straighteners, curling wands and hair dryers.
  • Not cutting your hair regularly
  • Not treating your hair regularly
  • Wash your hair every day
  • undergo chemical treatments such as coloring, perming, etc.
  • Using too many styling products
  • Using cheap synthetic brushes
  • Sleeping on rough or poor quality pillowcases
  • Eating an unhealthy diet and lacking protein, minerals and vitamins.

Why should you cut split ends?

In addition to making your hair dull, damaged and lifeless, split ends do not disappear on their own: the longer you wait to cut them, the more each end divides into 2 or 3 “feathers”.

This, in turn, seriously hampers the growth of your hair . In addition, they cause uneven pigmentation: the color of the split ends is usually a little lighter than your natural hair color. The overall color of your hair may then appear faded and uneven.

THE forks deprive your hair of its shine: split ends strip your hair of its shine and leave it looking brittle, dull and lifeless. No amount of conditioners, hair masks and spa treatments can restore shine to your hair if you don't Do not cut split ends .

How to cut split ends?

The best way to cut your split ends is to use a fork cutter for hair , it is a device which only cuts the split ends !

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The importance of trimming the ends of your hair in general

Healthy hair are the wish of many women around the world. In fact, to promote a healthy mane, certain treatments are necessary, which, by becoming a routine, will significantly improve the aesthetics and health of the hair.

Trim the ends regularly is one of the practices that will allow you to have a much livelier mane. In fact, the ends are damaged more easily, either through exposure to external agents or through tedious routines which weaken the wick.

It is important to specify that the cutting ends (except split ends ) does not influence the hair growth , but that it is necessary to strengthen, hydrate and regain the health or vitality of the hair.

Likewise, scalp care must go hand in hand with cutting ends in order to obtain the expected results;

In this article, you will discover the importance of cut the ends and how this influences the health of your hair .

Why should I cut the ends of my hair?

The most important reason for trim the ends of your hair regularly is to keep them in good health , and it is recommended to do so once every three months .

To start this process you need to cut from the point of the hair shaft that is healthy to get better oxygenation of your hair, a minimum cut of one centimeter is commonly suggested, which will guarantee revitalization and a much more aesthetic appearance of your mane.

When the hair ends begin to become porous and break easily, this is an imminent sign that the ends must be cut . They are the oldest and weakest part of the hair, and their condition can therefore deteriorate under the influence of certain factors, such as:

  • Exposure to the sun.
  • Humidity.
  • Polluting agents.
  • Adverse reaction to certain products.
  • Constant exposure to straighteners and hair dryers.
  • Rough hairstyles.

These factors influence the deterioration of hair and are manifested in particular by the appearance of split ends And damaged . By eliminating them, you will achieve a shiny and lush mane, with much more volume and strength.

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If I cut my ends, will my hair grow back?

If you don't have split ends yet: NO!

This is perhaps one of the most widespread myths on the subject, although we have already demonstrated the importance of cut the ends ; many women do it with the intention of promoting hair growth .

Cut the ends will not make your hair grow faster, for this you must take into account that the point of hair fiber growth is located at the root. Therefore, without a healthy root, hair will not grow, so cutting the ends does not have a major impact.

This is why it is recommended to regularly take care of the health of your scalp with products that moisturize, cleanse and strengthen your hair.

If you have split ends: YES!

THE hair split ends prevent hair growth since the hair splits and curls up on itself . The fact of cut your split ends will allow you to regain normal hair growth .

By accompanying a healthy hair care routine with a haircut every three months, you will get the results you've been waiting for.

Three reasons to cut the ends of your hair

When you begin to identify the presence of split ends , accompanied by a frizzy, dry, dull appearance and you have difficulty styling your hair: it's time to cut it.

It is recommended to go to a professional hairdresser, who will advise you and give you the best possible result.

Here are three reasons to cut them ends of your hair :

1) Shiny, well-shaped hair

By trimming the ends of your hair, you will obtain full, bouncy hair, while giving it a more aesthetic and stylish shape.

2) Healthy from root to tip

The appearance of new hair won't be overshadowed by damaged and brittle ends, and you'll have a much more even look.

3) Easy to style hair

By cutting the ends, it will be easier to comb your hair.

Prevention in hair care will be the best alternative to maintain hydration and strength in each strand, accompanying hair cutting with the application of more respectful products that help treat internally, are concrete and timely measures to prevent deterioration and stimulate the regeneration of the same.

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