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How to Cut Your Forks Yourself at Home?

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You'll find some ways to trim your split ends and valuable info on how to conceal remaining damaged hair.

Is it time to cut your hair, or can it wait?

Ideally, all hair needs a trim every 8 weeks . Removing ends can prevent the hair shaft from developing split ends .
split hair

Telltale Signs You Need to Trim Your Ends

If you want to keep your hair healthy, knowing how to recognize damaged hair is essential. Yes, damaged hair often starts with split ends .

  • When you run your fingers through your strands, does your hair get stuck or tangled? Does your hair have knots at the ends? Are they dry to the touch as you go down the shaft? These are all signs of split ends that need trimming.
  • If your hair feels rough to the touch, like straw, it needs to be moisturized and cut.
  • If the ends seem lighter than the rest of the hair, they should be cut.
  • If you notice that your strands lack elasticity, have become porous, break easily and their texture has become hard and crunchy, you need to reach for the scissors.

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How often should you cut your hair based on hair type?

Different hair types have different needs. Yes, even when it comes to eliminating split ends . If the maximum interval between two cuts should be 8 weeks , it can vary depending on the type of hair:

  • Fine hair needs a strict cutting routine. Get rid of ends every 5 weeks to keep your hair full and healthy.
  • Wavy hair can be trimmed for up to 6 weeks , especially if you don't overdo it with heated styling tools.
  • Curly hair tends to knot and break when it develops split ends. Frizz is also another sign that you've waited long enough. From 6 to 8 weeks : this is the ideal interval between two cuts.
  • Color-treated hair is more vulnerable to breakage. A cut every 4 weeks helps keep hair healthy and free of split ends.

How to cut split ends yourself: do's and don'ts

If you want to incorporate haircuts into your beauty routine, you need to be prepared. How to cut split ends from your hair? Here are the do's and don'ts:

  • Unless the method specifically asks for it, you must have dry hair to trim your ends on your own. Blow dry your hair using the cool setting along the shaft. Do not dry it completely in order to maintain some texture in your hair.
  • Always cut your hair in good lighting. Daylight is the best time.
  • Take sharp scissors specially designed for cutting hair. Use them only for your cuts. Spray them with Barbicide after each use and store them in their case. Damaged scissors damage hair.
  • If you accidentally cut too much hair, take some time to relax and then, when you are calm, try to repair it. You can even out the hair by cutting it to the same length. Or you can let them grow out, styling them to hide the mistake until you see your hairdresser.

Method 1 to cut your split ends at home: Make twists!

twisted wick

This technique is similar to Hair Dusting. If you want to treat yourself to one of the sharpest haircuts, this is the one for you. Be sure to dry your hair and brush it gently. Keep in mind that you need to repeat the steps until you have trimmed all your hair.

  • Separate your hair into sections . Using a wide-toothed comb, separate your hair into one-inch sections. Stay on one side of your head so you can keep the thread.
  • Twist the sections of hair , and you will see the split ends! Starting at the top of the section, twist the hair working your way down. When the entire section is twisted, the tips pop out.
  • Trim any ends that stick out from the twisted section of hair . You need to cut about 0.5 cm.
  • Twist the other way and reveal more split ends . Twisting each strand in the opposite direction can reveal additional split ends. Repeat the process until you have cut all of your hair. This method can result in different hair lengths.

Method 2 to cut your split ends yourself: Hair slippage!

hair slide

How to cut your split ends without losing length? The sliding method is one of the techniques.

  • Straighten your hair and dry it!
  • Gather about a 1-inch section of hair. Paint it again if necessary.
  • Place this hair between your three middle fingers. Take the strand under the index finger, over the middle finger and under the ring finger. Slide your fingers along the strand, from root to tip.
  • Split ends will appear on your fingers, especially on the middle finger.
  • Trim those split ends along the section of hair. The scissors should be perpendicular to the section of hair. You will easily trim split ends this way going down the shaft. Repeat the process with all of your hair.

Method 3 to cut your split ends at home: the basic cut

cut ends

Start with wet hair. When your hair is damp, brush it gently but removing all tangles.

  • Separate your hair into sections using a small comb. One-inch sections are ideal. Start from one side of your head to easily hold the thread.
  • Slide each section of hair between your index and middle fingers. Start near the top of the hair section.
  • Slide your index and middle fingers along the hair towards the ends. Try to move the strand away from your neck in front of you.
  • Trim the damaged ends of the hair. About 0.4-0.8 inches is enough. If you notice split ends higher up the hair shaft, remove those as well. This will create an even cut, provided you have a friend to help you with the back of your head.

Method 4 for removing split ends: cut with a blade! blade haircut

This method is ideal for maintaining the length of your hair while keeping it healthy and ready to regenerate.

  • Separate your hair into thin, layered sections.
  • Run the blade along the hair shaft to the ends of the hair. You will notice residue, frays, and strands build up on the blade.
  • Although it's quite satisfying to watch, be careful not to overdo it!

Method 5: The fork cutter

The split hair cutter is a unique hairstyling tool that allows you to trim split ends easily and quickly!

split hair cut

How to cut the split ends of your bangs?

If you love your bangs, make sure you trim them correctly. Always keep your bangs dry while you trim them.

It's better to cut the bangs point-blank rather than trying to keep a straight line. The sprinkle method can work very well here.

Gather the ends of your bangs between your index and middle fingers and dust starting from the ends. If you style your bangs with a round brush, do so before cutting.

This will prevent your hair from becoming too short.

How to hide remaining split ends?

If you're not sure whether you've eliminated all the split ends, it's best to hide them until you see your stylist. These methods not only improve the texture and appearance of your hair, but also keep it healthy.

Deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and hair masks containing the following ingredients are your best friends for coating your hair and keeping it hydrated and manageable.

  • Sweet almond oil is hydrating and light. It does not weigh down your hair and provides it with additional care.
  • Panthenol (aka vitamin B5) helps hair retain moisture. It flattens the cuticle, making hair strong and manageable.
  • Argan oil is deeply hydrating and gives your hair texture extra shine.
Everything you need to know to trim your split ends.

Everything you need to know to keep your hair healthy until you see your stylist again.

Everything you need to be your stylist.
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