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Velaterapia and Pyrophoresis: The fork burning processes!

You may be wondering what is fork burning , how is it done and professional advice?

Hair burning is a technique for eliminating split ends originating from Brazil.

We will explain everything to you in this article!

What is fork burning?

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Hair burning is a hair treatment method used to treat split ends .

This technique uses fire to burn a section of your hair, eliminating split ends .

The Benefits of Burning Hair

Our hair is often exposed to pollution and dirt, and other external factors like blow-drying, straightening or drying affect it. These factors affect our hair in a negative way, making it dull and weak. Sometimes, they also lead to split ends which, in turn, stunt the growth of our hair.

Split ends are a major cause of hair loss and damaged hair. Burning hair helps fight split ends and allows our hair to regain its luster and shine, making it look healthy.

The “ fork burningprocess is carried out using 2 methods, Velaterapia and Pyrophoresis . In this article we help you choose the method that will suit you to eliminate split ends in your hair.

What is Velaterapia ?

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Velaterapia is a treatment that eliminates split ends along the entire length, leaving only healthy strands. Spa treatments are perfect for hair weakened by coloring or perming.

This technique is also sometimes called " candle cutting " because it involves the use of a candle.

The main difference between Velaterapia and pyrophoresis is the method of execution.

The hairdresser twists a lock of hair into a tight bundle, then passes a candle flame over it. This burns off excess hair and makes your hair look smoother.

Unlike the relatively new procedure of pyrophoresis, Velaterapia has been used for decades in Brazil.

Velaterapia is recommended for strands damaged by ammonia dyes and heat styling.

How does Velaterapia take place?

  1. The hair is washed and dried. If the strands are clean, the hairstylist can begin the burning procedure immediately.
  2. The hair is separated into fine strands. Each of them is twisted into a bundle, then the candle flame is projected around it.
  3. The hair is cut at the ends and styled.
  4. The deep conditioning stage is different for every professional. Usually, deep conditioning masks are applied to the hair because the fire makes the hair more receptive to treatment. This is why masks and other products are applied after contact with fire .
  5. Hair drying.

How often can Velaterapia be performed?

Depending on the length of your hair, you will need to spend 2 to 3.5 hours in the salon and repeat the process after 4 months to consolidate the effect. After exposure to heat, hair is better able to absorb conditioners, ampoules and masks, and becomes smooth and silky.

The Benefits of Velaterapia

The advantages of this procedure are the efficiency and speed of its execution. You can already see the result after the first treatment. However, some stylists advise refraining from this treatment and replacing it with a more conservative cosmetic treatment or biolamination.

The disadvantages of Velaterapia:

  • The cost of the procedure.
  • The duration of the session is 3 to 4 hours.
  • Not very common. Not all beauty salons take the liberty of working with fire. And, of course, hairdressers must be trained in this technique.
  • Ambivalent opinion of dermatologists on the benefits of fire haircuts.
  • Doctors are concerned about the very fact that the strands are exposed to high temperatures.

Should you do Velaterapia or not?

If you like to try new things, including in hair care, you can safely opt for a split ends burn by Velaterapia .

The emotions you will feel will be unforgettable. Just be sure to find a specialist hairdresser. However, if your hair problem is specific, you will probably be more comfortable with a less extreme method of care: biolamination, nano-plastic, buffing, hot shearing, home remedies and others.

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What is pyrophoresis? fork burning

Pyrophoresis (fire cutting) is a haircut method using fire, which was invented and patented by Olga Kurbanova. The procedure uses an open flame. It is said that pyrophoresis allows you to seal the ends, remove dead hair along the entire length and promote the infusion of the strands with useful substances from auxiliary medicinal compositions. The basic principle of pyrophoresis is that fire seals in proteins and vitamins, and any excess hairs are simply burned off. In this way we obtain softness and shine.

How is pyrophoresis done?

If you plan to have your hair cut or dyed, it is best to do so before pyrophoresis. This way the color will last longer and the ends of the strands will look neat for a long time.

  • Massage your hair with a special mask or ampoule serum. In general, the masseur chooses the type of product based on the condition of his client's hair.
  • The mask is then rinsed under water.
  • Special compositions for oxycutting are applied to wet strands. These can be different oils, herbal extracts and medical cocktails for hair.
  • Directly cut the hair himself. A cotton swab is wrapped around a long pair of scissors. These are then soaked in alcohol and put on fire. The cutter separates the hair into strands and dries each strand with a blowtorch from top to bottom.
  • Dry your hair using a hair dryer.

After pyrophoresis, it is not recommended to wash your hair for 3-4 days. The effect of the procedure is said to last longer this way.

What is the result of pyrophoresis?

Immediately after pyrophoresis, hair becomes smoother, shinier and easier to comb. The result only lasts a few weeks.

How often to perform pyrophoresis?

No more than every 3 months. If you undergo pyrophoresis more often, it may cause volume loss.

The disadvantages of pyrophoresis:

  • Pyrophoresis is not practiced in all hair salons.
  • The hairdresser must first undergo training and only then can he work with the flame.
  • Cost of the procedure. The cost of pyrophoresis can of course vary considerably from one salon to another. But fire cutting is usually more expensive than, say, a deep treatment for shine and a hot scissor cut to get rid of split ends.
  • There are a lot of conflicting reviews. Many women who have undergone pyrophoresis admit to not wanting to repeat the experience because they expected more from a fiery haircut.

But there are a few who were both happy with the process and the result. In any case, if you want to try fire cutting, be sure to seek out a qualified professional.

Our opinion on fork burning.

Is fork burning safe? It all depends on the type of hair, which also differs from one person to another.

Although treating burnt hair involves deep conditioning, not many people suggest using it.

While burning split ends can eliminate split ends from the hair, you also create a potential vulnerability in the fiber itself, which weakens the strands.

The Best Alternative to Fork Burning

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