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Hair Dusting Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

Do you have brittle hair and split ends like 70% of women? Hair Dusting is a hair care technique that helps eliminate split ends .

Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating process and understand how you can use it to reduce split ends without having to cut your hair often.

What is Hair Dusting?

Hair Dusting involves cutting the damaged and split ends of your hair without shortening its length.

This technique is suitable for all hair types and textures and can be easily done at home. Unlike cutting, dusting helps maintain the length of your hair and eliminates split ends , making your hair look voluminous and healthy.

Still not sure if you want to try Hair Dusting ? The next section explains whether this technique can damage your hair or not.

Is Hair Dusting bad for your hair?

No, Hair Dusting is not bad for your hair. Rather, it is a practical solution for people with split ends .

Split ends can come from harsh weather conditions, heat styling, and chemical hair treatments. Due to this repeated damage, hair becomes dry and weak and begins to fray . Once the wick splits, it cannot be reunited. If not removed immediately, the split can spread to the mid-lengths.

So, dusting your hair is a quick solution to make it look healthy. Let's see the advantages of this technique in the next section.

Benefits of Hair Dusting

Prevents hair from splitting further

You may have noticed that some bits have multiple cracks on one end. If the split continues, it most often leads to breakout . You may not lose the entire strand, but a group of half-broken hair will look frizzy and messy. Hair Dusting hair prevents split ends from moving up the length of the strand, which stops damage.

Effective and economical

Most hairdressers recommend a trim every eight weeks , which can seem almost impossible for many of us. So, if you are one of those who are unable to get your hair cut regularly, Hair Dusting is an easy solution . It helps get rid of split ends and extends the period between two cuts. You can easily perform this technique at home without investing a lot of money on salon treatments.

Preserves the length of your hair

We all know the pain of seeing precious inches of hair being trimmed to keep it healthy. Instead, you can gain length by blowing out your hair . This technique helps get rid of annoying split ends without compromising the length of your hair .

You can also try dusting your hair at home by following the steps mentioned below.

How to dust your hair at home?

You will need:

Note: Do not use your regular pair of scissors to dust your hair. Hairdressing scissors are sharper and provide a precise and clean cut.

Whether you try this technique at home or have it done by a hairstylist, a typical Hair Dusting of hair is done in the manner shown below.


  • Detangle your hair and remove tangles using the brush.
  • Divide your hair into equal sections and tie them up.
  • Take about 2cm of hair from one of the sections and twist it tightly. It should be a tight twist that holds most of your hair in place.
  • Use the scissors to slowly and carefully cut off any ends sticking out from the twisted part.
  • Release the hair and twist it in the opposite direction. This ensures you cover as many strands as possible for an even finish.
  • Repeat this process for all sections of your hair.

Note: When you cut your forks , you will see small pieces falling around you, like dust . Make sure you only trim the ends of the hair . Be careful not to rush this process, as it can lead to mishaps.

How often should you do Hair Dusting?

The time usually recommended by hairdressers is around 6 to 8 weeks . But it depends on your hair texture and lifestyle. If you use heated styling tools or have fine hair that is easily prone to damage, you may need to do Hair Dusting more frequently.

Wondering how the classic cut is different from Hair Dusting ? We answered this question in the next section.

Hair Dusting vs. Traditional Haircut: What is the difference?

Although they may seem similar, Hair Dusting and cutting are intended for different purposes.

  • Trimming your hair helps maintain the shape of your haircut and keeps your hair at a certain length . It helps eliminate split ends but focuses more on the aesthetics of your hair.
  • Hair Dusting is purely intended for maintenance to eliminate split ends.

Depending on your hair needs , decide what suits you best: a cut or Hair Dusting .

In summary

Consider treating your hair to keep its ends smooth and healthy.

Hair Dusting allows you to avoid regular cuts and extend the interval between two cuts.

This technique doesn't require a lot of expertise and can be easily done at home - all you need are attentive hands and a pair of sharp scissors .

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Frequently asked questions about Hair Dusting

Is Hair Dusting good for hair?

Yes, if you have split ends, hair dusting can prevent them from damaging your hair.

How much does a Hair Dusting session cost?

The price of Hair Dusting in a salon or professional depends on your city. On average, it costs around 75 euros . However, you can also try this technique at home.

Key points to remember

  • Hair Dusting involves cutting damaged and split ends of your hair without shortening its length.
  • Hair Dusting prevents new split ends from forming and is an effective and cost-effective way to achieve healthy-looking hair.
  • This technique does not require much expertise, and you can easily perform it at home.

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