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How to Get Rid of Frothy Hair?

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Summer means trips to the beach, outdoor barbecues, warm, sunny weather, but it's also perfect for sparkling hair !

Although some of us are more prone to it than others (for example, those with curly or frizzy hair), high temperatures and humidity can turn even the straightest hair among us into a mess of frizz .

Just because hot weather inevitably leads to frizz doesn't mean you have to hide under a hat or umbrella.

We've rounded up some of our favorite hair care tips, styling products, and strategies for getting rid of frizzy hair.

These tips will help you keep your hair smooth and frizz- free.

What causes frothy hair?

Before we look at how to get rid of frizzy hair , let's first talk about the cause of frizz . Although it's part of some people's DNA, frizz typically affects people who repeatedly change the texture of their hair through heat styling and unhealthy grooming habits. All of this can cause breakage, tangling , and split ends , making your hair look dry , dull, and frizzy .

On a microscopic scale, frizzy, damaged hair has undergone excessive alteration that has worn away the outermost layers of its shaft, called cuticles. Once the cuticle is removed, the inner layer of the cortex is exposed, which can lead to hair breakage. In other words, having frothy hair is a sign of major damage that has compromised the structure of your strands and left them dehydrated.


How to get rid of foamy hair once and for all?

The more hydrated your strands are, the more the cuticle layer flattens, allowing you to have smooth, frizz-free hair. So how to get this type of hair? Following these tips to get rid of frothy hair.

1. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that contains glycerin.

While we always make it a point to create sulfate-free formulas, avoiding this ingredient can be especially helpful for those prone to hair dryness and frizz .

It's also helpful to opt for products rich in glycerin, which helps fight frizz by penetrating the hair and hydrating it from within. Glycerin is an excellent humectant, meaning it absorbs extra moisture from the air and creates a protective layer around the outside of the hair shaft to help retain moisture.

Don't know where to start in your product search? Do not look any further ! Our custom shampoos and conditioners contain glycerin and can also be tailored to your specific hair goals. You can enhance your frizz-fighting formula by adding goals like anti-frizz, shine, smoothing, and curl definition, so your hair stays smooth and healthy all year round.

2. Use a deep treatment mask at least once a week.

For extra hydration , use a deep treatment mask at least once a week. A quality hair mask not only hydrates your hair from the inside out, but also protects it from heat damage and split ends , two major causes of frizz .

3. Ditch your usual towel

Using the wrong towel can literally make or break your hair (especially the latter), because wet hair is at its most vulnerable state. Rather than using a cotton towel, which can cause chafing and breakage, opt for a microfiber towel .

The softer fabric is not only healthier for your strands, but it's also specially designed to dry your hair faster and reduce the fluffiness of wet hair , which makes it prone to frizz and damage. If you have frizzy or curly hair, you can even dry it by placing it in a T-shirt to reduce frizz.

4. Use a diffuser to dry your hair

Read carefully, women with curly hair, this advice is for you!

Although heat styling can be damaging, you don't need to ditch your hair dryer to get rid of frizzy hair. When drying your hair, be sure to add a diffuser to limit the amount of direct heat and forceful air that hits your strands. Blow drying with a diffuser will prevent your hair from being tossed around too much while drying. This creates less friction and, therefore, less frizz.

5. Condition your hair all day long

Dry hair is prone to frizz and damage. So you need to fight frizz by moisturizing it all day long. Go beyond in-shower conditioner with a good quality leave-in product, like our custom leave-in treatment. In addition to giving your hair a healthy dose of long-lasting moisture and nourishment, it helps smooth, hydrate and protect it in a way that rinse-out products can't do. Apply the leave-in treatment to clean, wet hair or dry hair to smooth frizz and flyaways.

6. Invest in a silk pillowcase

It may seem like a little extra, but a silk pillowcase can go a long way in helping combat frizz and split ends .

That's because, just like your cotton towel, the standard cotton pillowcase can pull on your hair fibers and create friction when you toss and turn at night, leaving you with frizz, brittle hair , and hair loss. knots in the morning.

Silk , on the other hand, is a much softer and smoother fabric that helps maintain your hair's natural oils while you sleep, reducing the amount of friction and damage it's exposed to during the night.

7. Ditch the Hairspray

While a generous spritz of hairspray may seem essential before heading out on a nice day, it actually does more harm than good. Even the lightest hairsprays tend to contain drying alcohols, which build up and cause the hair cuticle to swell and look puffy. In other words, this hair product is actually frizz 's best friend, so do yourself a favor and stay away.

8. Touch up with a mascara wand

For flyaways that need help staying flat, try grabbing a mascara wand. Spray the end of a clean mascara wand or toothbrush with a little dry oil spray and gently run it over the frizzy area for extra hold and softness.

9. Don’t be a stranger to your hairdresser

If you ask a hairstylist how to get rid of frizzy hair , they'll probably tell you it's time for a cut . Split ends and breakage often make your hair frothy , which is why you should keep your hair trimmed.

Plan to get your hair cut about every eight weeks. A new cut will help rid your mane of damaged ends , reducing the risk of frizz while leaving your hair looking healthy and smooth.

10. Let your hair air dry before blow drying it.

Although hot tools may seem counterintuitive, they can help seal the hair cuticle so your strands lie flat and smooth. Just like with the hair dryer , you should not overuse it, as thermal damage can also cause frizz.

The secret ? Apply a heat protectant , such as a hair serum, while your hair is still damp.

Then let your hair air dry most of the time (around 75%) before finishing it off with your hair dryer. Be sure to set the hair dryer to low heat, hold it 6 inches from your hair at all times, and move it around to prevent it from overheating a section of your hair and damaging it.

11. Don’t touch your hair!

We know it's difficult, but if you already follow most of these tips and are still wondering how to get rid of frothy hair , you need to stop touching it. Your hands may be the culprits making your hair frothy . The more you run your fingers through your hair, the more friction and frizz you create – especially for curly or wavy hair.

If you're used to playing with your hair throughout the day, try wearing a sleek braid or topknot to keep your fingers away.

You can also embrace these hair accessory trends and use a headband or embellished clips to keep your locks in place and away from your face, where you're more likely to touch them.

Get rid of frizzy hair and embrace your natural texture.

For those wondering how to get rid of frizzy hair , these products, tips and tricks for healthy hair can definitely work wonders. But in your mission to tame frizz , it's also important to work with what your mom gave you.

Rather than fighting your hair's natural texture and style, embrace it!

Let your straight, wavy, curly, or curly hair do what it wants, because trust us, there will be times when no matter what you do (or how many products you layer on), your hair won't stay straight and smooth . So why stress?