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If you are one of those who have had disastrous experiences with haircuts that are too short while going to the salon for a treatment to eliminate split ends , the split ends machine will put an end to your problems.

Anti-split machine cutting is a technique that eliminates all split ends and all imperfections that your hair may have, without needing to modify its length.

This type of cut is ideal for maintaining the good appearance of your hair without the need to directly cut the affected areas, and also to avoid excessive and unwanted cuts when removing imperfections.

For this treatment, you have a specialized tool, the fork cutter , whose precision is such that it allows you to cut small parts of your hair starting from the ends. This way, the length of your hair is retained and split ends are eliminated more effectively. This makes your hair look much healthier but, above all, it allows you to maintain the appearance of your previous cut, while promoting hair growth .

How does the fork cutter work?

The split end cutter , also called split end straightener or anti split end brush , is a simple to use hair styling tool . It has a very specialized technology, which consists of a kind of centrifugal mechanism to safely cut the ends of the hair .

avi fork cutter
This mechanism is designed to cause the hair to position itself so that only split ends are cut. This allows only 0.3mm or 0.6mm to be treated and removed hair depending on the chosen comb. In other words, its action is mainly exerted on the ends of the hair , where split ends are generally found.

Advantages of fork cutting machine

  • Removes ends without affecting length.
  • It is easier, faster and safer to use than scissors.
  • Safely removes dry , damaged , split and brittle ends in minutes.
  • Gives a healthy look to all your hair.
  • You save a lot of money by not having to resort to expensive treatments to treat split ends .
  • Improves the health of your hair in a short period of time.

Our opinion on the fork cutter

The Split End Cutter is a truly miraculous machine because it eliminates split ends without affecting the length of the hair!

When you use the hair dryer, straightener or curler a lot; When you overdo your sunbathing, expose yourself to a lot of cold, brush your hair incorrectly or use a lot of styling products, your hair gradually becomes fragile, until its The tips end up separating and splitting .

hair split ends

Today there are many moisturizing and repairing products that help seal those split ends , but it is clear that the best solution is to cut them, which many of us do not want to do, because we are so difficult to grow our hair to the desired length.

The method of using the split end cutter is similar to that of a hair straightener: the plates are placed on the upper part of the hair, and it is lowered slowly and carefully.

It should be applied to clean, dry and straight hair (for which it is advisable to dry it well). It is passed three to five times through fine strands and with the strands as loose as possible. The process takes about half an hour, but varies depending on the amount of hair and how damaged it is.

This tip cutting machine can be used on dyed hair or with treatments such as keratin, as it works with a manual mechanism and does not add any chemicals. Its use can give strength to hair growth. It should be considered that the hair must be detangled for this to work effectively and it is less suitable for curly hair.

Characteristics of the fork cutter:

  • The body is made of durable and lightweight plastic.
  • Multiple rows of sharpened, high-quality stainless steel blades. Comfortable handle fits in the palm of a medium-sized hand. Removable container or compartment to collect cutting waste.
  • Front teeth for safe handling.
  • Button for direction control.
  • ON/OFF push button switch.

anti-split straightener anti-fork device

The kit includes:

  • 1 Storage case
  • 1 Latest generation Fork Cutter
  • 2 Hair clips
  • 1 Comb
  • 1 Spacer to choose the cutting size
  • 1 Anti-hair cleaning brush
professional fork cutter

Rules for using the fork cutter

Before proceeding with fork trimming with this machine, follow the following instructions:

The important thing is to only use dry, clean hair.
Comb the hair well and divide it into sections.

We recommend that you start cutting the forks from the lower level of the bits.

  1. Turn the device on by pressing the button.
  2. Separate the wick and insert it between the teeth of the open brush.
  3. The blade begins to rotate and remove damaged hairs.
  4. Slowly pass the device over the strands, from top to bottom.
  5. Work this way over the entire section of hair.

Thanks to the split end cut, you get a neat hairstyle and silky locks!

  • Cut forks remain in a special compartment.
  • They must be removed with the brush provided in the kit.
  • When you are finished, remember to turn off the device and put it back in its bag.
  • Proper use will help extend the life of the equipment.

If you're in the mood to grow your hair, the split end cut is the solution!

Find out more about how to use the fork cutter !

Price of fork cutter

We offer you the cut on sale at €49.99 on La Boutique Coiffure!

cheap fork cutter

Customer reviews on the Coupe Fourche with before and after photos!

Many women on forums recommend regular use of split ends in their comments because it breathes new life into your locks making them shiny and silky and helps grow the length of your hair.

Women of all ages are satisfied with their purchase and recommend the device to their friends.

Opinion Veronique, Metz, 25 years old:

"I always try to take care of my hair: I buy masks and conditioners, I try to make homemade recipes for natural mixtures against split ends, I apply oil: olive oil olive, burdock, coconut, but my hair is still split ends. I don't know what the reason is... It's a shame to walk around with such ugly hair, so I ordered the cut fork on La Boutique Coiffure. Now I cut the ends with this device about once every 4 months, my hair is beautiful and silky now."

Opinion Olivia, Paris, 31 years old:

cheap fork cutter review

"I watched the video on youtube and decided to urgently buy the device to remove split ends. It took me 7 days to get it home. I find it convenient to use and its operation is simple. It perfectly eliminates split ends. "

Opinion Valerie, 37 years old, Nancy:

I have to be honest with you, I was tired of my hair being all tangled, having broken ends, losing its shine, becoming dry and frizzy. I came across the hairdressing store's website by chance and decided to buy this miracle device. The hair polishing procedure is to cut split ends without loss of length. My hair became soft, malleable and healthy!

Opinion Natalie, 42 years old, Nice:

fork cut before after

My curiosity led me to order the split end cutter, because I have always had problems with "unruly" hair. It's even better now that I have my own hairdresser on hand at all times. Just do it once and my hair looks beautiful and well-maintained. The other day I recommended a fork cutter for my sister's birthday, I think it will be the best gift for her! Thank you for giving happiness to women!

Opinion Alexandra, 25 years old, Brussels:

I've been using this machine for over three months now, I bought it on sale, it's really cheap. I want to say that so far I am very happy with the result. My hair looks great even though I dyed it. Just once a month, spend half an hour on the procedure with this device and get smooth and healthy hair. As they say, save time and money. Try it and I recommend it!

Opinion Marina, 30 years old, Poitiers:

I recently got a machine like this. As I regret not having bought it before, it's a great discovery. It's easy to use and the effect is amazing, I didn't expect that. Now, if anyone asks me how to take care of their split ends, then I recommend the split ends trimmer, from personal experience now.

Mélanie, 35 years old, Lyon:

After my second pregnancy, the appearance of my hair left a lot to be desired. Not only have they thinned out, but they still have a problem with split ends. I tried buying expensive shampoos, conditioners and masks. But the effect did not last long and again on my head, "straw mane", and the ends are constantly tangled. I was reading a lot of articles on the Internet, until I accidentally saw the split end cutter. Hair looks much better after using it - no more frizz; they are more "lively" and I use it about once every two months.

Elena, 44 years old, Paris:

I have heard about this device more than once, I ended up buying it recently. Surprisingly enough, it was very effective in eliminating split ends. I've always had this problem and always looked for ways to solve it. But now my search is over, the device is perfect for me. And of course, my hair looks beautiful again, which hasn't happened to me in a long time. Girls, I recommend!

fork cut results

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If you live in the Lyon region, don't hesitate to make an appointment at Coupe Fourche Lyon , the best hair salon that cuts split ends!