Fork Mower
Fork Mower

Fork Mower

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Marre des cheveux cassants et indisciplinés ?

Essayez le coupe fourche !

✔︎ Améliore la Santé des Cheveux

✔︎ Augmente la brillance du cheveu 

✔︎ Résultat Professionnel

✔︎ Rapide, Sécuritaire et Facile d'Utilisation

✔︎ Technologie Révolutionnaire

✔︎ Économisez sur des Soins Capillaires Coûteux

✔︎ Pour Tous Types de Cheveux

✔︎ Approuvé par les Salons de Coiffure 

The new split end trimmer allows you to eliminate damaged ends throughout the hair, without affecting the length or changing the type of cut.

fork mower

The main advantage of this technique is to revitalize the hair strand, restoring strength, shine and softness.

Many people ask what is the difference between using the machine and regular scissors, because with scissors you always cut too much, while the machine only cuts split ends.

It is recommended for all hair types (long, short, wavy, etc.).

How to use the fork mower?

Like a hair straightener, run the clipper over clean, dry hair.

The process takes about 30 minutes, but varies depending on the amount of hair and how damaged it is.

  1. Wash your hair only with shampoo to open cuticles and leave split ends more exposed to use the machine;
  2. Rinse your hair well and comb it, detangling it;
  3. Dry your hair and brush it along the strands;
  4. Separate a thin section of hair and place it inside the clipper, like a flat iron;
  5. Turn the device on by pressing the down arrow and slide it along the lengths until it reaches the ends;
  6. Repeat the same procedure on the section of hair 4 to 5 times to eliminate all split ends;
  7. Do the same thing step by step all over your hair, always separating it into fine sections;
  8. Finally, wash your hair with conditioner or use a mask to treat the hair and leave it healthier and free of split ends.

How does the fork trimmer work?

The split end trimmer is specially designed to guide the ends of the hair into the blades in a straight motion, cutting only the tip and preserving the length of the hair.
Thanks to this incredible invention, your hair will grow longer and healthier.

  • Ideal for home use cutting ends
  • Faster and safer than scissors
  • Safely trim damaged hair ends and split ends in minutes

Why use the anti-split mower?

Easy to use : It is a tool that will help you restore vitality to your hair thanks to its system that eliminates damaged ends. It is very easy to use, it will not take you more than 30 minutes. It is portable, you can take it anywhere you want to keep it soft and silky.

Brings your hair back to life : It's important that your hair is squeaky clean when using the Split Ender, so it's easier to get rid of those pesky split ends. Don't forget to comb it well with your brush and divide it into small parts to make using this product easier.

You can complement this process with a hair treatment that nourishes your hair. A great way to reduce split ends is to use natural oils like olive oil. It is essential not to apply it to the scalp, but only from mid-lengths to ends.

Maintains healthy lengths : You can run this machine over your clean hair with complete peace of mind and you will not lose any length.

With this fork vacuum cleaner you will not lose length, as it will only cut off small dead hairs, keeping your mane 100% healthy.

Show off your hair with the hair splitter!

Hair becomes split ends due to exposure to sun, sea, chlorinated water, straightening or blow-drying, so it is always advisable to use a moisturizing treatment or heat protectant to avoid further damage .

Normally, we subject our hair to high temperatures with things like straighteners and hair dryers. These types of actions generate brittle hair ends. However, the split end trimmer is here to help eliminate those split ends!

Having healthy hair is one of the priorities of women, that's why with the fork trimmer you can achieve it in a simple and practical way. Don't forget to maintain your hair after using the split ends with the anti-split mask.