Anti-Split Brush

Anti-Split Brush

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Marre des cheveux cassants et indisciplinés ?

Essayez le coupe fourche !

✔︎ Améliore la Santé des Cheveux

✔︎ Augmente la brillance du cheveu 

✔︎ Résultat Professionnel

✔︎ Rapide, Sécuritaire et Facile d'Utilisation

✔︎ Technologie Révolutionnaire

✔︎ Économisez sur des Soins Capillaires Coûteux

✔︎ Pour Tous Types de Cheveux

✔︎ Approuvé par les Salons de Coiffure 

The anti-split brush allows you to quickly and easily eliminate split ends. This is a great time to help you maintain your hair while preserving its length.

  • Improves the Health of your Hair
  • A Professional Result
  • Fast , Secure and Easy to Use
  • Revolutionary Technology
  • Save on Expensive Hair Care 
  • For All Hair Types

fork cutting brush

Why buy the anti-split brush?

Get Professional Results : No more waiting weeks for a hair appointment or worrying about excessive length loss.

The revolutionary fork brush mechanism guides hair strands evenly into the strand protectors while the blades trim unwanted ends, while preserving healthy hair strands.

Easy, quick and safe to use : Whether you're a professional hairstylist or a self-care woman, this split ends brush is a convenient, quick and safe way to manage and eliminate split ends .

Simply divide the hair into fine sections per section and pass each segment through the split end brush to remove dead, damaged and split ends quickly and safely.

It's that simple: no more scissors, blades or burning forks.

Improve the health of your hair : If split ends are not trimmed, they can cause serious damage to the hair as they spread along the hair fibers. This anti-split brush removes dead ends as they form, leaving your hair soft and silky.

Opinion on the fork brush brush that cuts split ends

I am delighted to report that this split end straightener keeps what it promises! It cuts the ends of your hair without affecting its length. It made cutting my very thick blonde mane a breeze. Excellent product that I plan to use every two months to preserve the strength and flexibility of the ends of my hair. Don't be afraid, it's simple to use and well built. If you don't necessarily want to go to the hairdresser, are pressed for time, or both, this is a tool you'll be happy to have in your beauty arsenal! !! 😉.

I'm happy to see that it works exactly as advertised! Without causing any damage, your hair is trimmed to the exact length you chose.

For months, I was wondering whether I should make this purchase or not.

I regret not having bought it sooner!

How to use the fork brush?

The split end brush removes split or damaged ends of hair quickly and easily with its technology that ensures safe and precise cutting of hair split ends.

Trimming the split ends of your hair every four to six weeks with the split end brush ensures long-lasting effects as well as healthy, silky and longer hair.

  1. Wash your hair then dry it as thoroughly as possible without adding any hair products to it.
  1. Detangle your hair and make sure there are no tangles before you begin. (you can even start straightening them if they are very frizzy)
  2. Next, divide your hair into four sections
  3. Take a thumb-sized strand then pass it through the split end brush from top to bottom and repeat the operation 3 times per strand throughout your hair.

The total cut takes about 30 minutes, but the length and thickness of your hair determines the time needed.

Obviously, the results are visible instantly.

You can also deeply condition your hair with the anti-end split hair mask!

How does the anti-split brush work?

Split ends are a common hair problem among women, and cutting them to keep your locks healthy can be a real struggle.

This anti-split brush directs the hair in a circular motion and cuts off any protruding ends, even if they are halfway down the length of your hair. This method is ideal for women with long, thick hair, as split ends along the entire length of the hair are even more visible.

This technology is innovative because it allows only dead hair to be selected and healthy hair to be preserved.