Fork Vacuum

Fork Vacuum

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Marre des cheveux cassants et indisciplinés ?

Essayez le coupe fourche !

✔︎ Améliore la Santé des Cheveux

✔︎ Augmente la brillance du cheveu 

✔︎ Résultat Professionnel

✔︎ Rapide, Sécuritaire et Facile d'Utilisation

✔︎ Technologie Révolutionnaire

✔︎ Économisez sur des Soins Capillaires Coûteux

✔︎ Pour Tous Types de Cheveux

✔︎ Approuvé par les Salons de Coiffure 

If you have split ends and want to clean up your hair, this is the perfect cutting tool for you.

fork vacuum cleaner

The fork vacuum allows you to get rid of your split ends without losing length. It only cuts broken strands, making your hair smoother and softer.

Why buy the hair fork vacuum cleaner?

  • Revolutionary technology that cuts broken and damaged ends in minutes.
  • Easier, faster and safer than scissors or blades, it allows you to remove damaged and damaged ends without having to cut the hair.
  • Now you can make your hair longer, faster and more beautiful, preserving it in a healthy way.
  • A tool designed to make your life easier.

How to use the fork vacuum cleaner?

When you go to trim your ends, the hair should be clean and free of conditioning agents, so that the device can glide smoothly over the entire strand.

If you have very curly hair, it is best to dry or iron it first.

Do not put too much hair in the machine at once.

Two centimeter bits work best.

On thicker strands, the fork vacuum does not work properly because the mechanism must trap the split ends in the blades.

Admire your work while emptying the dead hair bin, it's very satisfying!

Opinion on the anti-fork vacuum cleaner

But also, since I've been using it, it's saved me a lot of money in salon fees. I understand that stylists have to make a living, but cutting four or five inches of split ends is not the same as a great haircut.

On the other hand, it helps me get rid of split ends without affecting the length of my hair.

Isn't that amazing?

fork vacuum cleaner reviews

Previously, when I cut my split ends using a pair of scissors, I only got uneven ends.

Not to mention that it can be uncomfortable to cut the split ends in the back, while looking in the mirror. I think there were times I even missed it by ten centimeters. Honestly, it's a scary experience.

Since using it, I even notice that my hair looks healthier and stronger. This is probably because split ends weaken the hair.

I have to admit that I used to spend a lot of money on deep hydration treatments. Because I thought that would solve the split ends problem.

Plus, it comes in a handy pouch, making it easy to take with you when traveling.

And what I love is that it's cordless, so you'll never get tangled while you're careful to trim your ends