Fork Cutting Device

Fork Cutting Device

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Marre des cheveux cassants et indisciplinés ?

Essayez le coupe fourche !

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Do you have a lot of split ends in your hair and want to get rid of them yourself from home? The anti-fork device is the tool you need!

Why buy this fork cutter? fork cutter

The Split End Cutter is a hair tool that removes split ends from all hair types, including dry, damaged and brittle ends. It is designed for people with medium to long hair.

With unique technology, it's easy to achieve a clean, precise cut of split ends without the risk of losing length.

How does the split ends removal device work?

The split ends remover works by trapping your hair in a brush and passing it through the rotating blade that cuts the ends. So you don't have to change the length of your hair, because the tool only cuts the ends.

To further protect your hair, consider using a detangling hairbrush.

The split end cutter is specially designed to safely guide each hair in a straight motion.

The blades cut the ends where burnt, dry, damaged and split hairs are more likely to be found, while preserving and leaving the long, beautiful and healthy strands of hair unaffected by the cutting process.

Opinion on the fork cutting device

After using the split end cutting device on my hair and that of my sister, I recommend it without hesitation. You feel an immediate change in the texture of your hair and it appears shinier. It's an easy machine to use, and the fact that it's cordless makes it really convenient. All the hair stays inside the split end box, it's very satisfying to see all the dead hair that the split end cutter has collected.

fork cutter review

In conclusion, I really liked this device and think it is a great tool to keep my hair as healthy as possible between haircuts, which I only get once a year.

How to use the device to cut the ends of hair?

  1. Make sure your hair is clean and dry before you begin. Before you begin, do not use conditioner or other products. Your hair should be free of any styling products.
  2. To effectively use split ends remover on curly or wavy hair, it is best to straighten it first. The results will be more consistent this way.
  3. Make small sections of your hair. I advise using thin sections.
  4. Open the hair plate and select the arrow that matches your hair type (it should point toward the floor).
  5. Make sure your hair is secure in the anti-end split ends device and pass it carefully over its entire length.
  6. Repeat the process of passing over the same strand as many times as necessary. Although the instructions say to repeat the process three times, I had to repeat it two or three more times on very dry areas of hair.

What are the results of the device that cuts split ends?

Not only does the hair feel softer, but it is also shinier, and split ends are found in the transparent notch. The split end trimmer eliminates up to 90% of split ends depending on hair type. It takes approximately 30 minutes to treat the entire head of hair.

The split ends cutting device is suitable for all hair types and has been specially designed for people with medium to long hair. Your previous hair condition may impact the final results.

The split ends cutting device uses technology that allows precise and safe cutting of split ends while preserving the length of the hair.

The fork cutter is a cordless, quiet and easy to transport tool. It comes with everything you need, including a carrying case, instruction booklet, cleaning brush.