Anti Fork Device

Anti Fork Device

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Marre des cheveux cassants et indisciplinés ?

Essayez le coupe fourche !

✔︎ Améliore la Santé des Cheveux

✔︎ Augmente la brillance du cheveu 

✔︎ Résultat Professionnel

✔︎ Rapide, Sécuritaire et Facile d'Utilisation

✔︎ Technologie Révolutionnaire

✔︎ Économisez sur des Soins Capillaires Coûteux

✔︎ Pour Tous Types de Cheveux

✔︎ Approuvé par les Salons de Coiffure 

What is the Anti Split End device?

It is a device that can safely trim split ends at home without sacrificing hair length. This split ends remover uses unique technology to select only damaged, brittle or dead hair while preserving healthy hair.

fork cutter

The hair splitting device is specially designed to guide the hair strands evenly through it and force the strands to straighten when they reach the center of the hair plate. The blades cut the tip approximately 0.6 cm depending on your hair type.

Why buy the fork device?

Some hairdressers and salons have this split end device and offer it as a treatment. Today you can eliminate your split ends yourself in the comfort of your home and whenever you want:

  • Get smooth, silky hair effortlessly
  • Improve the overall health of your hair by removing dead hairs
  • Admire the visible and lasting results
  • Enjoy professional technology at a lower cost

Women who tend to damage their hair with heating appliances (straightening irons, hair dryers, etc.) tend to have a ton of split ends.

Most hairdressers recommend a cut every 8 weeks, which works out to around €40 per cut and €260 per year. Buy a device for split hairs .

is a one-time investment that will allow you to maintain your hair as often as you want (recommended every 4-6 weeks).

The fork cutter is an excellent purchase, which you will be happy to make!

How to use the device to remove split ends from hair?

  1. Wash your hair
  1. Dry your hair or wait until it is completely dry. They should not be wet at all.
  1. Brush your hair properly.
  1. Divide the hair.
  1. Click one of the arrows to select the direction.
  1. Take a thin wick, squeeze and pull the fork device down quite slowly. When you press, the Anti Split Device automatically begins to trim the ends.
  1. You should do three passes per strand, if you have very worn hair you can pull 4-5 times per strand.

It is best to empty the hair container after each use of the fork device.

Opinions on fork device

After seeing video reviews on social media, I decided to get this hair splitting device and try it out for myself. I'm the biggest skeptic when it comes to tools like this, because the "quick fixes" tend to be disappointing in reality. hair fork device reviews

The split end brush is extremely easy to use, and the results are immediately noticeable. Since I have a lot of split ends, it was easy for me to feel the difference in my hair after just one use. I was amazed at how full the hair chamber was after just one use! Emptying the room was strangely satisfying because I swept away all the nasty little dead hairs!

I checked my hair carefully afterwards and found no split ends! My opinion on this anti-split device can really be shortened to “I love it!”. Lol.